Audio-Technica new products launches at the 2018 Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show

Limited edition of ATH-L5000 audiophile closed-back dynamic headphones and ATH-MSR7B portable headphones.

Audio-Technica exhibited the world debut limited edition of ATH-L5000 audiophile closed-back dynamic headphones and the ATH-MSR7b portable headphones at the 2018 Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show.

Since the 2003 launch of the ATH-L3000 leather dynamic headphones for audiophiles, Audio-Technica has teamed up with the top British leather brand Connolly to produce a limited edition of a new  design closed-back dynamic headphones i.e. ATH-L5000. Not only the outer cover was made of superior Connolly aniline leather, but also the stunning sycamore wood housings, which is combined with the  patented D.A.D.S. of Audio Technica (Double Air Damping System) for deep bass reproduction. In addition, ATH-L5000 Headphones incorporates a 58mm driver with lightweight carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) flanges for enhanced airflow and better movement of the diaphragm.

In terms of cable, the headphones come with a detachable cable with A2DC (Audio Designed Detachable Coaxial) connectors, a 6.3mm gold-plated stereo output plug and is compatible with the XLR balanced cable for connection to different equipment.

Since ATH-MSR7 High-Res Audio Headphones was acclaimed for its phenomenal level of details around the world, Audio-Technica continuously pushes the boundaries of product innovation and improvement. The latest edition of the ATH-MSR7b was launched at the exhibition, the “b” stands for Balanced. It refers to the design in balanced connection.

ATH-MSR7b is equipped with 45 mm True Motion Drivers with diamond-like carbon coated diaphragms to deliver distortion-free audio reproduction with extended frequency response. The headphones also feature Multi-layer Air Damping Technology that reduces unwanted vibration and controls the airflow for superior audio clarity.

In contrast to the ATH-MSR7, the ATH-MSR7b is modified to A2DC connectors, one cable is equipped with a standard 3.5mm 3-pole stereo mini-plug, and is also compiled with the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) requirements of 4.4 mm 5 pole balanced mini-plug, allowing you to use ATH-MSR7b headphones with the latest high-spec audio players.


Connolly is a British brand with a long history of 139 years. Connolly was established in 1878 as a small family business, mainly making saddlers and shoes smiths. With the development of the automobile industry, Connolly's products have been expanded and it has evolved to become the best-known supplier of highly finished leather for the automobile industry. Connolly leather is the exclusive leather supplier for Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar and Aston Martin.

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