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Digital Discussion System

  • Excellent speech intelligibility with built-in feedback suppressor and voice processing on individual discussion units
  • Up to 300 discussion units
  • Daisy chain or ring topology connection through Cat 5e and above cables
  • Voice activation mode for free discussion plus a variety of manual modes
  • Built-in audio recorder to external USB memory devices
  • Control available through web remote interface and third party control systems
  • Expandable and scalable system design

    The system adopts the unique format Audio-Technica LINK for power supply and signal transmission between the control unit(s) and conference microphones.
    Audio-Technica LINK is compatible with the Ethernet standards and allows a simple construction for universal Cat5e or higher cable connections.
    Transmission of high-speed signals with low-latency allows stable control and uncompressed audio signal transmission.

    ■ Simple, reliable and full-featured digital discussion system
    Whatever your conferencing or discussion needs, the ATUC-50 is designed to offer reliable, clear and intelligible communication to significantly increase meeting efficiency and effectiveness.
    Voice is the quickest and most efficient tool medium for exchanging ideas - whether in meeting rooms, in councils, in classrooms or through videoconference, speech is the most direct way of communication and understanding.
    Audio-Technica's new wired ATUC-50 conference system is designed to offer a reliable and effective way to speak and to be heard.

    ■ Ease of use
    Using standard Cat 5e (and above) cabling, the ATUC-50 system connects easily through a daisy chain or ring topology.
    The Web Remote Control Interface allows quick and easy configuration, plus management directly from any web browser, without need to install dedicated software.
    The on-board audio recorder can support up to 4 discrete channels for easy archiving without the need of an external recording device.
    All settings can be saved as presets and easily recalled before the start of each meeting.

    ■ Reliability
    For added redundancy the ATUC-50 can be configured using a ring topology.
    The Web Remote Control Interface allows two user permission levels to avoid any unwanted access or accidental programming changes.

    ■ Flexibility
    Advanced configuration can be used to tailor the system to the users' needs. Each configuration can be saved and recalled instantly.
    Multiple modes such as 'Free Talk', 'Request To Talk', 'Full Remote'; various 'override settings' :'LIFO', 'FIFO' and 'Non Override'; and flexible 'Mic On trigger mode': manual or voice activation; allow for adaption to each and every situation.
    2-language interpretation, 3-language interpretation, and 3-language relay interpretation are supported (ATUC-50INT).
    IP Control allows full parameter access from most third party control systems.
    Floor plus 2 Interpretation channels answer today's need in contemporary meeting rooms.

    ■ Sound quality and Speech Intelligibility
    Individual Mic Gain and EQ to adjust each participant's voice.
    Low Noise (EIN:127dB) mic preamp using discrete transistors.
    24-bit/48kHz uncompressed digital audio for natural sounding voice reproduction.
    12 band feedback suppressor allows higher volume levels without causing feedback.
    Dynamic processing and 8-band parametric EQ on the main Analog output.

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    audio technica support ATUC50_UM_V3_TC_web_180402.pdf - Operation Manual (Traditional Chinese)
    audio technica support ATUC50_UM_V3_SC_web_180402.pdf - Operation Manual (Simplified Chinese)
    audio technica support ATUC50_UM_V4_EN_web_180129.pdf - Operation Manual
    audio technica support ATUC-50-LF.pdf - Product Leaflet
    audio technica support ATUC-50_CN.pdf - Product Leaflet (Simplified Chinese)