Direct Power Moving Coil Cartridge


  • Innovative direct power system delivers unsurpassed transient response, resulting in reproduction of even the most subtle sonic details
  • Special line contact stylus and solid boron cantilever with a 0.26 mm diameter ensure an extremely accurate reading of the record groove
  • Non-magnetic core coils provide exquisite, full-dimensional audio reproduction
  • Powerful neodymium magnet and exclusive magnetic circuit with a miniscule 0.6 mm magnetic gap provide remarkably efficient power generation
  • Magnetic circuit's titanium base works in combination with the cartridge's hard plastic cover and aluminum housing to disperse unwanted resonance
  • PCOCC (Pure Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting) coil enables pure signal transfer

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    This product is an MC cartridge that utilizes a direct power system that places the moving coil directly on top of the stylus tip. Because of this, it does not suffer the negative effects to audio quality that stem from the cantilever's length and material type. Compared to conventional methods that place the moving coil at the base of the cantilever, this MC cartridge vividly renders even the most subtle sonic details that, up until now, were difficult to produce. This design allows unprecedented high-fidelity reproduction.

    The coil material used is a 20 μm diameter PCOCC wire, wound eight turns to a diameter of 0.9 mm to create a non-magnetic core coil. This is layered with an ultrathin, 25 μm special film. Despite being a non-magnetic core type, an output voltage of 0.2 mV with a coil impedance of 3 ohms is obtained by placing the coil in the minute 0.6 mm gap of a powerful magnetic circuit. Integrating specifications that leverage the unique features of non-magnetic core type coils and specially designed magnetic circuits creates a three-dimensional sound field with dynamic audio quality and natural clarity.

    The base that supports the specialized magnetic circuit and vibration system is made from titanium. The sturdy base is instrumental in providing consistently even playback.
    It also works in combination with the cartridge's hard plastic cover and aluminum housing to disperse resonance that negatively affects the sound quality.

    The stylus tip is a 1.6 × 0.3 mil special line contact stylus type embedded in a 0.26 mm diameter solid boron cantilever, which allows music signals read by the stylus tip to be accurately transmitted to the moving coil.

    • audio technica AT-ART1000
  • AT-ART1000 Specifications

    MC type
    Playback Frequency Range
    15 ~ 30,000Hz
    Output Voltage
    0.2mV (1kHz and 5cm/sec.)
    Channel Separation
    30dB (1kHz)
    Output Balance
    0.5dB (1kHz)
    Tracking Force
    Specified for each individual cartridge. Refer to “Tracking force information.”
    Coil Impedance
    3Ω (1kHz)
    Direct Current Resistance
    Load Impedance
    >30Ω (amplifier connection)
    Coil Inductance
    1μH (1kHz)
    Static Compliance
    30 x 10-6cm/dyne
    Dynamic Compliance
    12 x 10-6cm/dyne (100Hz)
    Special line contact stylus
    Ø0.26 mm solid boron
    Vertical Tacking Angle
    H17.3 x W17.0 x D25.5 (mm)
    11.0 g
    Accessories Furnished
    Non-magnetic screwdriver x 1,
    Washer x 2, Protector x 1,
    Mounting Screws 12m x 2, 18mm x 2,
    Nut x 2, Brush x 1,
    PCOCC wire lead set x 1


    audio technica support AT-ART1000_UM.pdf - AT-ART1000 User Manual