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High Grade Door Tuning Kit


High quality materials of AquaieT series such as high specific gravity damping material and high drainage sound absorbing material.

  • Virgin butyl rubber for high specific gravity of 2.7 with high damping effect is adopted.
  • High adhesion and followability to irregular surfaces, do not need for special tools such as heat gun.
  • Stable performance against high and low temperatures can be provided, possible to minimize the variation in the damping characteristic due to season.
  • Adopt EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) series high performance sound absorbing material which has the effect of suppressing reflection of unnecessary sound and clarifying the vocal band.
  • 3 types of soundproofing material shipped to eliminate the gap between the inner panel lining.
  • Attached 2-way specially designed spatula that can be used for both lining and vibration damping construction.

    [Kit Contents]
  • High specific gravity damping material (Butyl rubber + Aluminum)
    [For inner panel] ×5pcs (Size : 500mm×250mm, t=2.1, Weight : Approx. 680g / piece)
    [For outer panel] ×8pcs (Size : Ø110mm, t=2.1, Weight : Approx. 50g / piece)
    [For impact beam] ×4pcs (Size : 250mm×50mm, t=2.1, Weight : Approx. 65g / piece)
  • Absorbing material [EPDM]
    [For loudspeaker] ×2pcs (Size : 200mm×200mm, t=15mm, Weight : Approx. 60g / piece)
  • Sound insulation material [NBR]
    [Wave absorber for loudspeaker] ×2pcs (Size : 600×25mm, t=30mm, Weight : Approx. 30g / piece)
    [Wave absorber for inner panel] ×2pcs (Size : 1000×15mm, t=5mm, Weight : Approx. 8g / piece)
    [For lining clip] ×18pcs (outside Ø24 / inside Ø8mm, t=5mm, Weight : Approx. 0.3g / piece)
  • 2-way specially designed spatula x 1