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Piezo Electric Microphone

  • It is a multipurpose microphone that can be used in water and the soil, etc.The piezo type unit is built into a water-proof metal case.
  • There is a built-in preamplifier. Even if the length scale cable is used by low sending off impedance, a clear astringency sound is possible.
  • The cable of the standard issue is 7.6m. A special power module is attached. It is battery drive/Phantom feeding power automatic correspondence.
  • Special for the waterproof performance, the length of the cable, and other detail specifications for special parts.

  • AT880 Specifications


    Piezo Electric

    Polar Pattern

    Surface Touch

    Frequency Response

    50 ~ 4,000 Hz

    Open Circuit Sensitivity

    70mV / G (-23.1dBV / G) at 500Hz


    200 Ω

    Low Frequency Roll-Off

    180 Hz, 12dB/octave

    Battery Type

    1.5V AA/UM3

    Battery Current / Life

    1 mA / 1000 hours typical (alkaline)


    Flat, roll-off


    125 g


    Microphone: 15.0mm X 35.0mm (Height X Diameter) Power Module: 63.0mm X 83.0mm X 22.0mm (Wide X Long X Thick)

    Output Connector


    Accessories Furnished

    Battery, Soft protective pouch