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Complete Windshield systems


  • Perfect for Audio-Technica BP series camera microphones
  • Foam core of 20PPi open cell foam
  • Fur covering is a 30mm synthetic fur

    Complete encapsulated windshield systems
    The BPW Windshield systems are perfect for Audio-Technica BP series microphones which are required speed of mounting and outstanding performance for camera, boom or handheld. The Windshield is especially for ENG, Drama, Film due to speed of application, noise free microphone changes and light weight. The microphone is quickly and easily withdrawn for filter switch changes.

    Unique construction
    The Windshield has a foam core of 20PPi open cell foam which gives enhanced windnoise reduction while giving optimum high frequency performance. The fur covering is a 30mm synthetic fur, especially chosen for its acoustic properties and light weight. The Windshield end cap is made of neoprene with genuine soft black leather trim for a snug fit and attractive finish.

    Length : 120 mm

    Fitting model : AT875R

  • Download

    audio technica support BPW.pdf - Operation Manual