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  • Permanently mounted fur windcover and pistol grip
  • Models available to fit virtually all shotgun microphones
  • Quick and easy to switch microphones
  • No bayonets, screws or fiddly microphone holders to wrestle with

    The Soft-Zep is lightweight, robust and simple to use and has a permanently mounted high quality fur windcover around a an open cell foam core and a very comfortable hand grip made from kraton rubber with soft gel inserts. A thread in the base of the handle allows a boom pole to be attached. The rubber handle can be easily removed and the microphone cable threaded through the handle so it is out of the way.
    A special handle is also available as an accessory, the handle features a microphone cable threaded through and can be directly installed to various types including stereo microphone. For ease of use, the microphone is simply inserted into the rear of the Soft-Zep in the same way as a “Windshield”.

    Length : 360 mm

    Weight : 400g (without cable)

    Boom pole mount : 3/8 inch.

    Trunking width : 6 mm

    Fitting models : AT8015, BP4071, BP4027

  • Download

    audio technica support BPZ.pdf - Operation Manual