Quality Music for Everyone - Audio-Technica Showcased Its Latest Product Line-Up at 2015 Hong Kong Hi-End AV Show

Dedicated to bring quality music to everyone, Audio-Technica has exhibited at the 2015 Hong Kong High-End visual show to provide a great opportunity for visitors to experience quality sound anywhere in every day’s life.

This year’s exhibition also marks the official release of the Flagship Hybrid Headphone Amplifier AT-HA5050H, an end result from an endless pursue of perfection of our engineers and continuous improvements suggested by many music lovers. In order to demonstrate its ability to be able optimize the performance with various headphones, we have paired it up with our W-series flagship ATH-W5000, the newest Hi-Res compatible ATH-W1000Z, the professional monitors ATH-M70x and ATH-R70x, as well as flagship headphones from numerous other brands.

In respect of our heritage, we have also exhibited our AT-LP1240USB and AT-LP120USB turntables. Visitors are invited to listen to classics through the speakers and a pair of ATH-M50xDG, our newest limited edition ATH-M50x iteration driven through the AT-HA30USB USB DAC. A range of AT cartridges are also shown next to the turntables to show our ongoing effort to keep our passion towards vinyl and improving our enjoyment with the experience we have gained from the past incorporated with innovative technologies.

On another booth area, we have exhibited products that can be used to enjoy good sound even when on-the-go. The AT-PHA100 with the latest technology paired with high quality headphones like ATH-CKR10 and ATH-MSR7 that supports Hi-Res music can add to the experience to enjoy a natural, rich sound. A new series of ArtLink cables can also be used to further improve the performance of the system. The ATH-ANC40BT is also our newest offering for the category that it offers high quality audio through Bluetooth connection with your smartphones, while also offering extraordinary active noise cancelling performance.

All in all, Audio-Technica enjoyed another year of great success at the show and has impressed visitors and media representatives for the design of the booth, range of products exhibited and our knowledgeable, courteous staff.

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